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What is the lead time for your products?

We can typically ship within 1 week of receiving an order

What is the warranty for your products?

Our products are backed by a 1 year warranty.

How do you get DD (Device Description) Updates?

If you are within your 1 year warranty period or have purchased the DD-LIB-1YR DD Library Subscription you can download DD library updates as follows:

  1. Go to the login page on the ProComSol website:
  2. Enter the License ID and the Password (in CAPS) from your DevCom2000 activation.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Downloads page, select the link to the DD Library Update, and save the file to your computer.
  4. Unzip the saved file and double click on “DDLibrarySetup.exe” to begin the update.
  5. Follow the screen prompts for installation.

We send Email notifications to customer Email addresses when new DD Updates are available.  If you are not getting update notifications send your Email address and License ID to

How is DevCom2000 licensed?

We can manage product licensing of the product over the internet or manually.  If a customer licenses the product over the internet, technicians can share the product on different PCs as long as they don’t need to use the product at the same time.  When a technician needs to use the software he checks out the license (by activating the software), and when he has completed the work he checks the license back in (by selecting License > Check-In from the DevCom2000 menu).  The software can be loaded on multiple PCs, but it is licensed for only one user at any point in time.

If the software is licensed manually the software is licensed for only that specific computer.  When the software is activated manually a couple of user codes are displayed.  The customer informs ProComSol of these codes (by telephone, Email or fax) and we provide the customer with the appropriate registrations key(s).

If something happens to your PC such as a hard disk crash, please contact us and we can reset your license.

How do you transfer a license from one computer to another?

You should select License > Check-In from the DevCom2000 menu before uninstalling DevCom2000.  Then install and activate DevCom2000 on the new computer.